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Who was Thomas Jefferson?
Thomas Jefferson was a very remarkable man who started learning very early in life and never stopped.

Bush vs. Obama
Bush and Obama's different speeches on millitary operations.

What is the Fiscal Cliff?
Definition and explanation of the Fiscal Cliff.

Ten First Presidents
Recommended books and information about the ten first President of the United States.

Oregon Redistricting
Schedule Public Hearings Across the State of Oregon.

Politics & Beer
Combining emotionally charged controversy, political polarization and alcohol.

Bad Blood
Forgive Republicans for watching the calendar and stubbornly focusing on Washington.

Curiouser and Curiouser
Having a growing creative class in not an economic panacea by itself.

The Unions Win Again
In traditional labor-management relationships, there is organized labor on one side and management on the other.

As Good as Gone
Are government stimulus projects a trillion dollar hole?

Labor Lies
Facts donít lie. Only those who manipulate the facts lie. In the world of politics, lies can be told by misstating the facts or by leaving facts out. Now you have the facts; make your own judgment.

Consequences of Nothing
Before it began, one local teen asked a different sort of question, Why donít we bring democracy to lots of other countries too, like in Africa?

You Gotta Have Friends
Itís a smudge of crossover area where both sides meet and sometimes even agree.

Gordon Smith's on Iraq
Gordon Smith's Current Position on Iraq Could Make a Republican Downright Blue

The Voter Education (Eradication) Project
Is Their Goal Education or Elimination of Oregon Votersí Rights?

No Time for a Hangover
The morning after, the party was not united, but itís been getting united, slowly.

Turn of the Lights
Oregonís lame duck governor had a lot of nerve expectingóno, demandingóthat legislators solve in a pre-election, politically charged special session what he and his entire administration could not solve in all eight years in office.

You Gotta Wanna....and Portland Doesn't
They had, after 16 years of Democrats, elected another Democrat.

Oregon - the New Oligarchy
Lord knows, thinks Kulongoski to himself, I canít do it.

Baby Face Sten Battles with Business
Erik Sten is the boy wonder who began his public life in Portland at age 23 working part time as a swim instructor and helping his friend, Gretchen Miller Kafoury, win a seat on the Portland City Council.

Sour Grapes
Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

Sim City
Whatís the average life of a political movement? Roughly a generation, 25 years, maybe 30.

Question of Good Government
Oregonians claimed their right to decide issues for themselves back in 1902.

The Truth Hurts
Portland taxing itself into anti-business oblivion.

Frogwater Themes
Do you suppose thereís a good Oregon Pinot that goes well with froglegs?

A Storm of Our Own
Comparing the politics of Louisiana with Oregon probably isnít a perfect fit because, to put it delicately, Louisianaís political history is a bit more colorful than Oregonís.

Turning Up The Heat
Every night images of our beautiful national forests going up in flames refuted the claims of groups like the Sierra Club.

Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing
In the end, the public employee unions control, absolutely, the political process in Oregon.

A Preference for Peccadilloes
And if these politicians arenít the best leaders, well, thatís the fault of the serious voters. Cartoonists and comedians, after all, have a job to do.

Courage To Follow
Oregon got lucky when Gov. Oswald West gave Oregonís beaches to the public.

Selling A Lie
Perhaps the biggest threat to your property values in Oregon history.

We Have Seen the Enemy...
Craig Rosebraugh and ArissaóPortlandís Recipe for Domestic Terror?

Whoís Got the Dough, and Who Is Doing the Hammering?
Vicki Walkerís Challenge to Neil Goldschmidt.

Let the Speaker be Heard
An Interview with Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Republican Karen Minnis.

Winners, Losers, and the World Economy
Ameri/Wu Race Sets Stark Contrasts on Global Trade.

Oh What a Session It Was
A legislative recap.

Measure 49 Ė A Quest for Power
Read it and vote no.

A Party to Tyranny: The Aftermath of M-49
Measure 49 will not be the last battle in Oregonís land use wars. The property rights folks will bring other initiatives to the voters.

Policy Perspective
A Five Course Feast ...and assorted political tidbits

Policy Perspective
A New Comeback Kid?

May 2006 Primary Endorsements
Forgive the governor if he is losing the alphabet soup game.

Ten Big Bold Government Reforms
...and 140 bonus ideas to help balance the budget

Remembering Tom McCall
In this era of partisan gridlock and political regression, we can look to the past with a sense of nostalgia.

Is There a Supply Sider in the House
News Bulletin: You donít raise taxes during a recession!

Et tu Portlanders
Hereís How You Donít Remove Someone From Office.

Lucky Thirteen
There may not be a new Oregon yet, but there had better be one soon, because right now itís a sad, demoralized place.

The Politics of Hate
ďThose things are the cheap shot political jabs that get a days worth of press and rile up the base but really make it difficult to get meaningful work done.Ē

The Man from Hood River
Will He Come Home to Solve Oregonís Leadership Crisis?

Honorable Intentions
Granting or not granting your political opponents honorable intentions works both ways

The Unions vs. The Citizens
Each year, the state of Oregon forwards to the public employee unions about $14.5 million withheld from public employee payroll checks.

Is the Political Party Over
Open primaries and non-partisan races may bring an end to political parties
Read Story

Accountability and Neil Goldschmidt
An Interview with State Senator Vicki Walker, D-Eugene.

Americaís Three-Ring Circus
One of the bigger misunderstandings about the American electorate is that it is divided into two parties

Politics on the Rocks
Is this the beginning of the end of our democracies? Have the citizens of western democracies, the U.S. included, become spoiled and ungovernable?

Dear Governor
Congratulations on a sound victory.

Thanks, But No Thanks
Bill Sizemore served this state well as an initiative leader in the 1990s when the state was run by a monopoly political establishment

The Sound of Silence
What speaks with the loudest, most powerful voice in the land, but has never spoken a single word?

A Dangerous Servant and a Fearsome Master
The State of Oregon is in a fiscal crisis, resulting from years of gross mismanagement.

A Very Mean Year
Almost everything in the field of foreign policy had gone wrong, and as usual when things go wrong, they had done so in threes.

Ignoring the Obvious
Gov. John Kitzhaberís, point of view during the last Oregon recession.

Beating a Dead Horse

Giddy with Power
Not only are high taxes a problem in Oregon, but there are also hundreds of fees and other charges piled on.

Rough and Tumble
At the same time we urge Ameri to stay engaged in Oregon politics and develop her skills with voters for a future run.

To-Raq or Not to-Raq
How many American civilian casualties are acceptable to you?

The Big Tent Collapses
At the end of the 1980s pro-choice Republicans were spending a lot of time complaining about the pro-life plank in the partyís platform.

Beauty and the Beast
Is France ready for its first female president?

Looking Back and Facing the Future
A frank political discussion with three Oregon statesmen

John McCain, Republican
Throughout his political career, McCain has been underestimated by his political opponents.

The Difference a Tough Year Makes
Sen. Gordon Smith competes in the race of a lifetime.

A Season of Change
Are Oregonians ready for new leadership?

Policy Perspective
A Donkey's Year

Policy Perspective
Under the GOP Big Top. Why social conservatives and libertarians meet in the same tent

A Responsible Sales Tax
Ending the Fear and Loathing

George Country
You canít swing a dead cat without hitting a George in Oregon politics.

Snazzy Dresser, Accomplished PoliticianóVera Katz
Öand a Sharp Critic to the End.

Fool Me Once
Oregon voters consider an income tax surcharge.

Top-Two Tilt
Open primary advocates are back, but itís no sure thing.

Behind the Curtain
The PERS they donít want you to see.

Every Man for Himself
With the general election seven months away, current national polls look good for congressional Democrats and bad for Republicans.

Sanctuary Portland
Potter shapes Portlandís cultural realignment.

The Deciding Factor
Typically right around Labor Day, voters start turning their attention toward upcoming elections.

A Declaration for Oregonís Future:
Surviving and Thriving in the Global Economy.

The Three Amigos
Are they analysts or advocates?

The Candidates
Unpopular, uneasy and unknown

Who Was Robert Todd Lincoln?
He was the only child of Abe and Mary Lincoln to survive into adulthood.

Leading Ladies
Can Oregonís New Women Leaders in the Legislature Bring Economic Prosperity? Read Story

Left to Stagnate
The Chinese economy is growing by 9.5 percent. Imagine doubling your standard of living every seven yearsóit is the face of globalization. Read Story

All or Nothing
"Property-Rights Showdown: The legislature vs. the will of the people" Read Story

Valley Forge: George Washington and the Crucible of Victory Writing team Gingrich and Forstchen follow up the success of To Try Menís Souls (2009) with another novelization of a seminal episode in the history of Revolutionary-era America. Once again, George Washington provides both the narrative focal point and the moral core of the story, as he and his fledgling Continental Army struggle to survive the bitter winter of 1777 at Valley Forge.

Stuck in Time
If you stay here long enough, youíll come to realize that Oregon is affected by cycles Read Story

Don't Even Think About It
If you were in the vicinity of Salem in the middle part of December you may have heard a plaintive sound emanating from the State Capitol. Read Story

Star Power
Candidate Craig Schelske and Country Music Star Wife Sara Evans Draw National Attention to Oregon Race. Read Story

Free Phone Service
Use Google voice and Obihai to get phone service with no monthly cost

Ford Raptor
Simply the toughest and meanest-looking light truck ever built according to Insideline

RAM Upgrade
Make your Computer feel like new again with more RAM

Play Tic-Tac-Toe
Play Tic-Tac-Toe and become a champion.

Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Itís time to say goodbye to portions of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Maybe you contributed money to save wilderness areas like this one. The Wilderness was a part of the Biscuit Fire in southern Oregon.

Their Cold, Dead Hands
Blood boiling? Yes. Hereís why the blood should boil.

Federal Flotation Device
vibrancy seen in the national economy, with its stimulative effect on our region, has not yet translated to a healthy Oregon economy.

Hawks and Doves and War
In peacetime a low voter turnout can be an indication of the publicís general satisfaction with the state of their state, or the state of their nation.

What to do Next?
Not much of a conversation for such a critical time.

A Frist Dose of Health Care Reform
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden's Healthy Americans Act.

Why are Cuban Cigars Illegal?
Why are Cuban Cigars Illegal you may ask?

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