Politics & Beer
Combining emotionally charged controversy, political polarization and alcohol.

Why not get a whole bunch of people from all sides of an issue together in one room, offer them beer and food, show a movie on the issue and then let them loose on a microphone for comments?

That’s the idea anyway.

Come see if it works.

Admission is free but you’ll have to buy your own munchies and booze. We’ll start with some “liberty shorts” while people are warming up and imbibing a bit. “Snapshots of Freedom” is a collection of 2 to 4 minute presentations (some a little longer) designed to get the ball of conversation rolling.

The movie runs just over 1 hour and then we’ll have time to hear what people thought. You’ll get 1 minute at the microphone to voice your opinion.

This will be a lot of fun too! We have a surprisingly funny way to keep those at the microphone within their time limit. If anyone goes over their allotted “one minute at the mic”, there will be a crew in the front row with a unique way of letting them know their time is up!

Sunday March 6th 1:30pm
Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St,

More information: Renee Kimball 503-238-6973

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