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Oregon Recovery Act
Recovery Act Funded Nearly 5,000 Oregon Jobs

Open Government website
Website lets Oregon citizens customize their view of agency information.

Oregon Job Creation
Governor Kitzhaber highlights Job Creation, Education and Economic Development in Central Oregon.

Gas prices
Lowest Gas prices in Portland, Oregon: Find the gas station nearest you with best gas price!

It is the best of times for Oregon Latino immigrants, but also the worst of times.

Oregon Lottery Dollars
Rep. Wand passes bill to ensure county lottery dollars are spent on economic development

Oregon health insurance
House bill makes health insurance more affordable for Oregon families.

Capital Gains Tax Reforms
House Republicans offer capital gains tax reforms to create jobs.

Reduce Tax Burden!
The Oregon State Senate voted unanimously Tuesday morning to reduce the tax burden on small and family owned businesses who invest in expanding their enterprises.

Get Motivated
Traffic Congestion Expected Around Rose Quarter.

Oregon Charter Schools
House republicans will keep fighting for charter schools, despite vote.

Workers’ Rights
Job Creation and Health Care Reform in Labor Address

Shimadzu USA will expand
“The jobs Shimadzu is committing to Oregon are exactly the type of family wage jobs Oregon needs,” said Governor Kitzhaber.

President Obama coming to Oregon
President Obama will be in Oregon on Friday, February 18th, where he will visit Intel Corporation’s Hillsboro campus.

Oregon Foreclosures
Boosting the Housing Market and Preventing Foreclosures

Jobs and Reform
House Republicans Open 2011 Session With Jobs And Reform Agenda

Secret Holds
“The first day of the new congress is the perfect time to begin making the Senate fairer and more accountable to the public,” Wyden said.

Everybody is doing it
The problem is that the BBC may have “sexed up” the evidence that the government “sexed up” its evidence.

State Closure Days
State workers take unpaid day-off to save taxpayers about $2 million.

Kulongoski Revenue Forecast
Today's revenue forecast delivers some good short-term news.

Ted Ferrioli on Revenue Forecast
A jobs problem for Oregonians means a revenue problem for state government.

Decision Points
Memoir of America’s 43rd president. Watch President George W. Bush talking about his new book.

Next Exit Concrete Forest
The Mt. Hood Freeway Story presented by Val Ballestrem.

Honor our Veterans
Governor encourages Oregonians to fly flag proudly to honor those serving and those who have served in the United States military and Oregon National Guard.

Nigel Jaquiss
Willamette Week reporter nominated for uncovering 30 years of secrets and lies.

When Crisis Strikes
Never have Oregonians seemed in more need of heroes.

The Platt Golf Challenge
Charity Near and Dear to Gilder’s Heart.

A Passion for the Purchase
Investments and Collections?

15 Fascinating People
Who Are They and What Do They Offer Oregon?

“Bait & Switch” Transit Planning In Oregon—Part Two
Another Unfortunate Legacy of Neil Goldschmidt and a Quick Way To End It.

How Well Connected Are You and Your Bank?
High tech checking…with a latte while you wait.

Profiles in Power
A year ago, President Bush traveled the country supporting personal accounts to reform America’s Social Security system.

Policy Perspective
Undue Process. On June 23, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that changed the commonly accepted understanding held by virtually every American about what it means to own private property.

Policy Perspective
The Perfect Storm. There are some things we Oregonians, or at least the Oregonian and others who claim to speak for us, simply will not take lying down.

Rebuilding the (Patient) Middle Class
In my column last month I rejected one of the centerpieces of the new Democratic Congress’ agenda — a hefty raise in the minimum wage — on the grounds that it will price out of the market the very workers (low-skilled and undereducated) it is intended to help.

Four Questions for Reform
Evaluating health reform proposals.

Policy Perspective
Oregon Loves Dreamers. Oregon’s new big money raffle — their best idea ever?

Big Wheels Keep on Turning
Oregon auto icons deal with decelerating sales.

Governor Kitzhaber calls Oregonians to Action
Governor Kitzhaber today issued a call to action for all Oregonians to join him to move the state toward future prosperity.

Columbia River Crossing project
Kitzhaber, Gregoire optimistic about federal support for Columbia River Crossing project

Small Business Needs Tax Reform Too
NFIB Teams with Wyden and Tiberi to Make the Case for Comprehensive Reform.

Fix Oregon
To promote job creation, House Republicans will offer an alternative “minority report” to a bill partially reconnecting Oregon to the federal tax code.

Flood Damaged Vernonia
Infrastructure investment important to accessibility to new schools and community center

Because let’s face it, the Message of Hope and Change is, like every other form of ethereal uplift spoken by every politician who has ever taken the pulpit, pure moonshine.

Employment declines
Loss of government jobs offsets private-sector gains - Employment declines overall in third quarter, while yearly rate remains flat, Tom Potiowsky says

Alcohol Energy Drinks Ban
Immediate ban the sale of alcoholic energy drinks in Oregon.

Wyden, Brown Introduce Health Bill
Wyden, Brown Introduce Bill to Move Up Date for Health Care Law’s State Waiver Provision.

BPA Rate increase
The Bonneville Power Administration today proposed an 8.5 percent average wholesale power rate increase.

15 Fascinating Oregonians
The great state of Oregon draws in some of the most fascinating people on the planet.

White House Fiscal Commission’s Draft Report
Wyden Statement on White House Fiscal Commission’s Draft Report

Luke Jackson is the Real Deal
Jackson is a player who can really do it all, baby. Scoring, rebounding and shooting the trifecta.

Feeling Fine about Four
And the Number One reason to feel fine...

Under the Umbrella
United Way Dollars: Who Gets What, How and Why.

Accountability and Neil Goldschmidt
An Interview with State Senator Vicki Walker, D-Eugene

Bias Crisis in Journalism
Shading the Truth Green II - the standing ovation.

The Sky is Falling
So declared the Oregon Conservation Network in an email to supporters shortly before Christmas.

The Sky is Falling
Only about 1.2 percent of Oregon is currently developed. Yes, that’s right. Only 1.2 percent or 730,000 acres are developed.

Working Wonders
New Providence Cancer Center built for positive patient attitudes and outcomes.

Imagine the Possibilites
Karen Gaffney, who was born with Down syndrome, has never been a burden to her family.

The Next PERS-type Pension Fiasco?
Tri-Met Tangles with Pensions and Payroll Taxes

Assessing the Assessments
Has Oregon “Dumbed Down” its Tests?

Seeding the Future
One Tigard teacher’s dream for a public charter school without boundaries.

Tapped Out
The party’s over for University of Oregon fraternities; will OSU be the next sitting duck?

Problems of Abundance
So is the cup half empty or half full? We have some fun with the state’s biggest policy turkeys over the decades.

Judge Slams Voters' Will
Oregonians In Action Sharply Criticize Overturn of Measure 37

Oregon's Great Land War
For better or worse, it was going to bring clarity and finality to the question of property rights in Oregon.

Doggie Downer
Recently, I inadvertently blundered into a TV show I wouldn’t ordinarily watch. The show in question was “Animal Cops: Houston” on the Animal Planet network.

Under Siege
Oregon’s initiative system – on par with the right to vote?

A Mid-Year Economic Report
Twice yearly, BrainstormNW invites the region’s expert economic voices to give readers an in-depth evaluation of the current financial situation and their predictions for the future.

Anatomy of a Scandal
An Epilogue to the Salwasser/Donato Controversy at the OSU College of ForestryCode

The Estrogen Effect
How Northwest women are changing the business of sports

Read the Greens
BNW’s annual golf course rankings

We Love Dreamers
An Oregon original, the “Street of Dreams,” celebrates its 30th anniversary

The Growing Business of Garden Celebrity
In the beginning, you hardly know you’re addicted.

3 Fascinating Oregonians
Below is a small sampling of the 2008 15 Fascinating Oregonians …

Oregon’s State Fair Takes a Road Trip to Reinvention
Over the past 15 years a domino effect of faltering programs, lowered attendance and fiscal setbacks left the Oregon State Fair struggling to stay afloat.

Portland's Puppy Love
It’s raining cats and dogs in Portland.

America by Heart : Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag Sarah Palin had the privilege of meeting thousands of everyday Americans on her extraordinary 35-city book tour. Inspired by these encounters, her new book, AMERICA BY HEART: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag, celebrates the enduring strengths and virtues that have made this country great.

Valley Forge: George Washington and the Crucible of Victory Writing team Gingrich and Forstchen follow up the success of To Try Men’s Souls (2009) with another novelization of a seminal episode in the history of Revolutionary-era America. Once again, George Washington provides both the narrative focal point and the moral core of the story, as he and his fledgling Continental Army struggle to survive the bitter winter of 1777 at Valley Forge.

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North Macadam
Portland Plans for North Macadam

Seven Days Goes Dark
Stephanie Fowler, the host of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Seven Days,” has an out-of-step attitude these days on moderating a current events or public affairs show.

Deadly Ambition
Are your kids safe to play school sports?

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