Oregon Coast and Coast Range
Oregon Coast and Coast Range

Oregon Coast and Coast Range
Welcome to Oregon's Coast - 363 miles of cliff-edged capes, public beaches, wild rivers, sand dunes, rainforest, and coastal mountains. Many of the top attractions are within easy reach of Highway 101, but others are accessible only by trail. To help you explore both the civilized and the wild parts of Oregon's spectacular shore - Oregon Coast, this book blends two kinds of guides -- a detailed Travel Guide for touring by car and a complete Trail Guide for planning adventures on foot.

The book is divided into 18 sections from Washington's Long Beach south to California's Redwood National Park. Each section begins with a Travel Guide that includes an overview map and a description of the area's car-accessible attractions. Both the map and the text are annotated with symbols identifying campgrounds, lighthouses, museums, and other popular destinations. Here too are tips for bicycling, birdwatching, kayaking, canoeing, and horseback riding.

The overview maps show major Highway 101 mileposts, so it's easy to use the Travel Guide as a highway logbook. As you drive from one area to the next, simply flip forward or backward through the book to the next Travel Guide map.

Following each Travel Guide section are descriptions of that area's hiking trails. To help you choose a hike, symbols in the upper right-hand corner of each hike's heading identify trail features. For example, 64 of the hikes have symbols recommending them as best trails for hikers with children, 36 hikes begin near campgrounds, and 44 pass through old-growth forest. Travelers with limited physical abilities need not miss the fun, because a list at the back of the book describes 42 paved, planked, or graveled trails accessible to everyone. Altogether, the guide covers every trail in Oregon Coast region.

Oregon Coast Impressions
Frates presents 94 full-color photographs of this picturesque region of America that abuts the immense Pacific Ocean.

Pacific City
It just doesn't get any better than this.....

Oregon Coast
Enjoy the scenic beauty of Oregon's most popular tourist destination.

Welcome to Brookings-Harbor on the beautiful Coast of Oregon.

Oregon Coastal Access Guide
Oregon is renowned not only for the natural beauty of its coastline but also for its enlightened tradition of publicly owned and protected beaches.

Rockaway Beach
7 Miles of Sandy Surf On the Magnificent Oregon Coast.

Things to do
on the Oregon Coast

Many fun things to do on the Oregon Coast.

Visit Bandon on the Oregon Coast.

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