Oregon Coast Aquarium Seeks Volunteers
Spring Training Begins April 2

Newport, Oregon— The Oregon Coast Aquarium has opened enrollment for its 2011 Volunteer Spring Training. In addition to interpretive volunteer training, volunteer positions are being offered in facility maintenance, the Aquarium gift shop, special events, exhibits and administration. The training begins April 2 and continues each Saturday through May 7, 9 am to 5 pm. Volunteers working in positions other than interpreters attend the April 9 date only.

Interpreter training teaches volunteers about the history of the Aquarium, animal care, coastal habitats and animal biology through a series of lectures and hands-on activities. “Each training session brings in wonderful new volunteers with a zest for learning and a strong sense of commitment,” said Carmen Morgan, Manager of Volunteer Services. “It is so rewarding to see new volunteers mixing with current volunteers and developing friendships through their passion for the ocean and its inhabitants.” Morgan said the training offers people an opportunity to share the Aquarium’s mission of educating the public about the Oregon Coast and its animals and efforts to protect and conserve marine habitats.

Earn College Credits: College credits are available through Oregon Coast Community College for volunteers in the Aquarium’s interpreter program for an additional fee of $40, completion of the classes and meeting all requirements. The volunteer training gives in-depth information about marine animal species exhibited at the Aquarium and an overview of the natural history of the Oregon coast. Once training is completed, volunteers are assigned to an intern position in available areas, or they become interpreters and share their knowledge of the coastal environment with visitors for a minimum of six months.

Cool Benefits: Benefits include discounts in the gift shop, free membership (after serving 50 volunteer hours), Aquarium passes, invitations to special events and evening enrichment programs. Volunteers have the satisfaction of expanding their personal marine knowledge while giving something back to the community by supporting the Aquarium.

Find Out More: The Aquarium asks for a one-year commitment of one half-day shift each week, or a half day every other week for people with special needs or who commute long distances. Classes run for 6 weeks beginning April 2nd through May 7th. A $35 fee is required for materials for interpreter positions. A $20 fee is required for volunteers working in other positions, which covers a uniform piece and materials. Participants must be 18 years or older. For adult volunteer training information, call Carmen Morgan, Manager of Volunteer Services, at 541-867-3474, ext. 5315 or e-mail carmen.morgan@aquarium.org.

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