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Why Calories Count
Calories are the source of health problems affecting billions of people in today's globalized world.

How many calories should I eat?
Calculate how many calories you should eat?

The CalorieKing Calorie
A practical, simple & safe guide to the calorie, fat and carbohydrate content of tens of thousands of your favorite foods by Allan Borushek, health educator and registered dietitian.

The Biggest Loser
Calorie Counter

Building on the groundbreaking success of The Biggest Loser brand, this addition to the New York Times bestselling book and follow-up cookbook is sure to be a success with big losers everywhere!

Pocket Posh Complete
Calorie Counter

Complement your style while keeping an eye on your calories with the Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Counter.

Lose Weight

Diets don't work. Studies have shown that only 5 percent of people who go on a diet are able to keep the weight off for more than a year.

How much should I weigh?
How much should I weigh
for my height?

Good Calories, Bad Calories
For decades we have been taught that fat is bad for us, carbohydrates better, and that the key to a healthy weight is eating less and exercising more.

Rapid Weight Loss System
So you want to lose weight fast? Is it possible?

100 Days of Weight Loss
Going on a diet is easy, staying on a diet is hard and it is the consistent, long-term lifestyle change that results in real success.

The Pocket Calorie Counter
Count on it! Keep track of everything you eat and drink with this sleek little Pocket Calorie Counter

Coach Yourself Thin
Today dieters are more frustrated than ever before: Neither restrictive dieting nor a moderate middle-of-the-road approach has curtailed the obesity epidemic. As professional weight loss coaches, Greg Hottinger and Michael Scholtz have developed a new weight loss paradigm that has produced impressive results for the Biggest Loser Club online members. Hottinger and Scholtz's unique strategy helps readers identify the obstacles that are sabotaging their weight loss and gives them Five Stepping-Stones to Change: a series of physical, emotional, and social guidelines to help them break through their barriers.

Coach Yourself Thin will help you lose weight by:

- giving you a sustainable, nutritionally balanced eating plan
- laying out the basics of fitness and helping you create personalized workout strategies that fit your lifestyle
- providing tools, techniques, and hands-on exercises for changing your habits

Packed with success stories and solid instruction and inspiration, Coach Yourself Thin is a guide to becoming self-aware, breaking the frustrating dieting cycle, and designing a personal plan for lasting weight loss success.

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