Rogue Unveils Anaconda Ale to Benefit Aquarium
The new ale is available just as Mama Anaconda’s babies are due.

Newport, Oregon - The Oregon Coast Aquarium - Just as the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s husbandry staff began maternity watch on the soon-to-be mama anaconda in its Swampland exhibit, Rogue Ales unveiled a new Anaconda Ale in her honor. Anaconda Ale will be sold at Rogue Ales Brewpubs and the Aquarium gift shop, with a portion of the proceeds to go toward veterinary care and feeding of Aquarium animals.

Rogue Ales Anaconda Ale Label.

When the Swampland exhibit first opened, there were two anacondas, a male and a female, inside the exhibit. The anaconda underwent an ultrasound in May, to confirm what husbandry staff suspected; that she was pregnant. How do you ultrasound an anaconda? Very carefully! Husbandry staff removed her from the exhibit and assisted Aquarium veterinarians in lifting her and placing her on a table to conduct the ultrasound. Unlike other snakes, anacondas are ovoviviparous, meaning the babies are attached to a yolk sack, develop inside the female and they are born live. All of the development is internal.

“We are not sure of the exact due date because we are not sure when they may have mated,” said Kevin Clifford, Aquarium Curator of Fishes and Invertebrates. When the babies are born they will be collected from the exhibit and sent to Brad’s World Reptiles in Corvallis, where they will be raised for other zoos and aquariums to display and be part of an educational program.

Aquarium Public Relations Manager Cindy Hanson holds an Anaconda from the Aquarium’s Swampland exhibit.

“It’s wonderful to partner once again with our friends at the Rogue Brewery, just around the corner from us,” said Carrie Lewis, Aquarium President and CEO. “What better way to celebrate motherhood than with a fine Rogue Ale?” The ale is described as a malty German-style maibock, rich in deep honey color with a crisp hoppy finish.

“Everyone at Rogue Ales is excited to continue our long-standing partnership with the Oregon Coast Aquarium and we are honored to debut Anaconda Ale in as a tribute to the Aquarium’s soon-to-be mama anaconda,” said Brett Joyce, President of Rogue Ales.

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