Weave Your Dreams Around These Amazing Products
An amazing array of products for yard and garden, bed and bath, kitchen and office, interior and exterior, driveway to attic, start to finish…they’re all on display at the Street of Dreams
by Suzie Ridgway

Studios East, LLC
Walter Gordinier is one of the only artists in the world certified to create structural glass, including staircases, flooring and doors. Gordinier’s interior doors for the Doernbecher Miracle House blend aquamarine blues, mossy greens and amber iridescent glass, creating a beautiful, bubbling, ethereal effect. Colored and clear glass are alternated in thick layers in the kiln on top of one another then heated to a blistering 1520 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass melts and molds into one homogenous, iridized piece. Each door is 3 x 7 ft., 1.5 inches thick and weighs an astonishing 280 lbs. The doors, priced at $12,000, are attached by a floating hinge system, also designed and fabricated in Gordinier’s shop.

Studios East, LLC.
Walter Gordinier, Owner/Visual Artist
3608 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR 97202
Cascade Sun Works, Inc.
The 3,000-watt photovoltaic solar system from Cascade Sun Works, Inc., with exterior silicone roof panels and a 24 x 40 in. controller in your garage, is all you need to power 1/6 of your home’s electricity annually. The virtually invisible, deep blue-black panels, mounted on the garage roof of the Doernbecher Miracle House, are 24 x 10 ft. and sparkle in the sunshine. The grid-tied solar system collects energy and sends kilowatt- hour credits to PGE during the day, making your power meter actually spin backwards. At night, your meter will run forward again, using the credits you acquired during the day. The system costs $20,000, but with the $9,750 rebate from PGE and $1,500 from the State of Oregon, you can do your part to save energy for the remaining $8,750. The system is guaranteed for 25 years but will actually last 50-70 years.
Cascade Sun Works, Inc.
10006 SW Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97225
Murals by Alexander Originals
David and Rhonda Alexander are the husband and wife team behind all seven of the original, brightly colored murals setting the interior scene for KDC Construction’s Street of Dreams home. Their specialty, “bringing rooms to life” through the art of illusion known as Trompe L’oeil, can be seen throughout the home. The music room mural depicts French doors that open out to ornate, Bouchar-influenced gardens. Grand Tuscan arches frame the countryside scene on the powder room walls. The barrel ceiling in the stairwell, running from the main to the second floor, resembles a glass-topped terrarium with clear, blue skies and birds in flight. Outside the home’s theater is a classic ticket booth, complete with an attendant inside, while the ceiling of the theater bears nighttime clouds and stars. The wine cellar corridor includes an old stone pattern outside with a brick wall inside featuring monks, chubby cherubs and decorative ribbons. The murals are $10-$25 per square foot, depending on the level of detail.
Murals by Alexander Originals
David and Rhonda Alexander
Quadrant Systems - iCEBOX FlipScreen
Stay tuned—if you’re looking for an entertainment solution for the kitchen without sacrificing counter space, the iCEBOX FlipScreen, available through Quadrant Systems, is your best bet. This little electronic workhorse is a television, DVD and CD player, with Internet and FM radio access, as well as home video monitoring capabilities, all rolled into one. And it comes standard with a touch screen and submersible keyboard, for $2,495 installed. The unit is roughly 4 x 23 x 10 in., weighs 24 lbs. and is mounted underneath a kitchen counter with a 12-in. LCD screen that flips down when you need it, up when you don’t.
Quadrant Systems
1225 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
Acrylic polymer-infused spalted maple from WoodSure, available through family-owned Specialty Polymers, Inc., is being used throughout the KDC Construction Street of Dreams home. WoodSure can be used on any variety of wood to enhance the wood grain of counters and flooring, making it not only visually striking, but also stronger, more durable, as well as water and abrasion-resistant. The polymerization process goes completely through the wood and involves heat, as well as a pressure and vacuum proprietary technique, that removes the moisture from the wood and replaces it with acrylic polymer. The polymers are available in nine colors, ranging from natural wood to vibrant sapphire, emerald, amethyst and onyx. The WoodSure process adds $30 per board foot to the price of the wood and can be used on high wear items, such as counters, floors, tabletops and furniture.
Specialty Polymers, Inc.
2475 Progress Way
Woodburn, OR 97071
Sport Court of Oregon
Sport Court of Oregon provided and installed the flooring and equipment for the Haggart Homes’ indoor basketball court. The court, logically situated on the lower floor of the home, is painted to resemble a half basketball court and is 34 x 34 ft., roughly 1200 sq. ft., in size. Sport Court’s “Response” brand modular flooring, made of thick polypropylene, resists moisture and is easy to maintain, yet it’s durable enough to withstand big wheels, bikes, inline skates and skateboards. The adjustable basketball hoop is pole-mounted to keep noise and vibration from resonating throughout the rest of the house. The flooring and equipment for this home’s sport court cost less than $10,000.
Sport Court of Oregon
8008 SW Fifth Ave.
Portland, OR 97219
Innovative Design Concepts
Laurie Floref-Lind and husband, Anthony Lind, make up Innovative Design Concepts, marrying casted products, including glass tiles, stonework and concrete, to form beautiful pieces that work naturally together. Laurie’s handmade glass tiles are first molded, then designs such as diamond and leaf patterns are carved into the glass, creating three- dimensional patterns that pop out of the travertine. Her 3 x 3 in. amber, iridescent glass tiles can be seen on the KDC home’s master bath Jacuzzi step, as well as on the fireplace. The cost is $100 per tile. Tony’s hand fabricated stonework and highly-polished, casted concrete form the steps leading up to the Jacuzzi, and form the counter in the outdoor kitchen of the KDC house. Tony’s special attention to details and the polishing process make his shiny structures truly spectacular pieces of functional art. Prices range from $125-$250 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the piece.
Innovative Design Concepts
1055 NE 25th Ave., Suite K
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Home Comfort Zones, Inc.
Does one room in your house stay too cold or too hot, no matter what you do? Home Comfort Zones, Inc. has developed an intelligent system that enables you to have uniform heating and cooling throughout your home and may reduce your energy bill by as much as 5-10 percent. Nomadic dampeners placed 3 ft. inside your home’s ductwork will relay information to the 6 x 5-in., wall-mounted master system. The information will then go out to individual rooms, stabilizing them at the determined temperature via wireless thermometers called smart controllers that are the size of a cell phone. Room temperatures can be customized as needed with nine settings. All homes with forced air systems can use this system, including older homes, which can be retrofitted with the equipment. The system includes the master panel, up to 15 wireless smart controllers, hardware and installation for $5,000-$7,000.
Home Comfort Zones, Inc.
8239 SW Cirrus Drive
Beaverton, OR 97008
Anderson Poolworks
Anderson Poolworks created a dramatic fountain for the Haggart Luxury Homes Street of Dreams home using pinky-sized laminar jets and fiber optic lights. The tiny jets produce eight colorful, unbroken streams of water propelled five feet into the air, landing six feet away, into the pool without a splash. The 12 x 28 ft. pool has a vanishing edge that brings the water level right up to the deck in a fleur-de-lis shape with three straight sides and one arced, convex wall. Pebbletech is used to create a pebble-like black and tan pool interior, adding to the water’s reflective appearance. Additional features include an adjustable swimjet current that enables an ocean-like workout right in your own backyard, as well as a sonar net, from SonarGuard, that sits 20 inches below the water’s surface to trigger an alarm if a child or pet accidentally falls in. The pool system costs $150,000.
Anderson Poolworks
24008 SW Morgan Lane
Sherwood, OR 97140
Home Certified, Inc.
You’ve probably been reading about growing concerns in the Northwest about dry rot and moisture problems, even in newer homes. So, how certain are you that your new or existing home is dry through and through? If it’s not, you could suffer moisture woes down the road, ranging from permanent structural damage to mold-related health issues. Home Certified, Inc., used by every Street of Dream home, is currently one of the only companies in the Portland area that will test moisture levels in existing homes, and test levels and dry out new construction projects. Through a battery of 150-200 tests, Home Certified can find out if there is more than 18 percent moisture in the home, including the wood, windows, sheet rock, and carpet. If too much moisture is detected, Home Certified uses industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry it out. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate proving that your home is dry and tight. Pricing is based on square footage and is generally $275 for existing homes and $650 for new construction.
Home Certified, Inc.
19363 Willamette Dr., #174
West Linn, OR 97068
YOLO Colorhouse
YOLO Colorhouse, available through Rodda Paint and used in the Wallace Custom Homes’ Street of Dreams home, was launched in February in a quest to find “healthier” paint. The high performing paint, available in 40 interior colors, is eco-friendly and contains no harmful fumes, known as VOC (volatile organic compound) toxins. The Earth’s Color Collection offers simple and soothing backdrop shades drawn from nature, with up to six hues in each category—Air, Grain, Leaf, Water, Stone and Clay. The Petal colors are rich, vibrant hues including royal blue, fuchsia and orange, intended to pop for fun and contrast. One gallon buckets of the paint, which can be custom blended, are $33- $35.
YOLO Colorhouse Showroom
1001 SE Water Ave, Ste. 140
Portland, OR 97214
Weather Shield Windows and Doors
Muntins are the blades that make up the grid system between the panes of glass in windows and come in a surprising array of shapes and sizes. Muntins not only protect the glass from the elements, but also add character to a home. For an exceptional example of well-made, fairly complex muntins, take a look at the Wallace Custom Homes’ Street of Dreams home windows. These artistically crafted beauties, designed by Weather Shield Windows and Doors, distributed through Portland Millwork, Inc., are historical replicas of the ornate windows found in 18th century New England coastal homes. Muntins are not sold separately, however the cost of the entire system for the house, which includes the muntins, door and sidelites, installed in a frame with hinges and sills, is roughly $13,000.
Portland Millwork, Inc. 10280 SW Spokane Court
Tualatin, OR  97062
The glass tile mosaic backsplash used in the utility room of the Blazer Development Street of Dreams home is composed of individual 1 x 2 in. rectangular Murano glass tiles in aqua, bronze, amber, blue-gray, charcoal, rose, silver and lavender colors, laid out in a brick pattern. The artistic, hand-fused glass tiles, available through S*Tile, are crafted in Murano, Italy. Attempts are often made to copy the handmade Murano tiles, but the liveliness of the Italian glass is impossible to duplicate. Murano tiles do not lie flat, nor are all of the tiles uniform in shape, making each finished piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. The Murano glass tiles, in the “Brick” pattern, retail for $150 per sq. ft.
345 SE Yamhill St.
Portland, OR  97214

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