The Next Niche
What’s Next for Oregon Agriculture?— Will Farmers Adapt to Changing Markets?
by Bridgete Barton

If you want a quick gauge on demographics, just ask one question: What’s wasabi?

Answer number one: Wasabi, wasabi shooters, that’s what Steve-O snorted in the movie, “Jackass.” (And then he got incredibly, immediately, violently ill. Movie fans will recognize series regulars and Oregonians Dave England and Ehren McGhehey as niche Oregon products themselves.)

Right answer, and most who give this response will be the under-thirty crowd.

Answer number two: Wasabi is that little lump of very hot, very green stuff on the side of your sushi serving.

Right again, and most who give this answer will be 30-50-year-old upscale, yuppies who crowd into trendy sushi bars in trendy downtown neighborhoods.

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